Most Popular Whites for Kitchens

Most Popular Whites for Kitchens

Jul 20, '20

When we say we've done our fair share of white kitchens, we're not exaggerating. It may be a "safer" option than going bold or colourful, but a white shaker kitchen will most likely not need much updating in 10 years time. They are classic + timeless and will last throughout the trends as they come and go.

There are a few white colours that most people seem to choose. They are popular in the interior design world for a reason - the undertones are subtle enough and they work well in many situations. 

Here are the most popular white paints that we do in our cabinetry over and over again, specifically kitchens. 


white shaker kitchen, Madera Kitchen + Bath

Clean but warm, by far the top colour selected for cabinets at our shop, Benjamin Moore Simply White is always a go-to for us. The warmest of these three, it still portrays a modern feeling without pulling too much yellow.

                                                                           Benjamin Moore Simply White Peel + Stick Paint Sample


Warm but with the slightest hint of grey in it, White Dove by Benjamin Moore is a personal favourite on cabinets and doesn't ever feel cool or show any hints of yellow. Perfect!

Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17 Peel + Stick Paint Sample



Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace OC-65 Studio Mcgee Kitchen

A fave among many designers, Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace is the crispest of the bunch, but still manages to convey a warm feeling without any major undertones. Considered a "true white" by some, it feels crisp + fresh and is a popular choice for trim, wall, cabinets, you name it!

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace OC-65 Peel + Stick Paint Sample


Every meeting we have with clients, we make sure to pull a few options for whites in the peel + stick paint samples in order to start comparing and contrasting. If they've picked out their other "hard" finishings (ie - countertops, tile, flooring), it becomes very easy to say yes or no to certain paint colours when they are large enough. A 10.25" x 12" paint sample is big enough that you can start to determine undertones and if it will clash with any other selections going into your house. Or, they're easy enough to transport around to other meetings afterwards as well. 

Win win!


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